Small Business

We Have The Bookkeeping Hat Covered

We Work With:

5 EASY Steps To Get Your Bookkeeping Done

  1. Bank/CC Statements,
    invoices, etc.
    Source Documents
  2. scanner
    Sent to us
  3. Us manager

    taiwan manager
    Routed & Entered by
  4. Financial
  5. Client
    Monthly goals
  1. 1
    Source Documents
  2. 2
    sent to us
  3. 3
    Routed & Entered by
  4. 4
  5. 5
    Monthly goals

Ready to Go?

What do you get with ?

  • 24 hour work desk
    for rush projects
  • Income tax
  • SALT
    State & local tax
  • Accounts payable
    & bill pay
  • HR management
  • Attorney’s on staff
  • Budgeting knowledge
  • Mergers and acquisition
  • Financials 10 days
    after close
  • Reliability
What Our Clients Say:

  • Our law firm has had accounting issues since day one and Bandicoot and their leadership have dug us out completely and have solved every task we have asked them to do. Bookkeeping, payroll, tax, they have saved us tens of thousands of dollars and have gotten us through it all. I could not be more satisfied with the service.
    Jose M - Attorney
  • I had a major tax issue. Bandicoot was able to settle for 20% of the original amount and consulted me on my small business taxes. I am very impressed by their knowledge level and professionalism and would recommend them all day.
    Chad L. – Business Owner