Our COVID-19 Response

Welcome back or to remote work


With the unprecedented time we are in right now, we are trying all that we can to help
small business stay in business. We have become specialists in:
  • Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Funding Application preparation and filing with Harvest Bank
  • PPP compliance and consulting to achieve maximum loan forgiveness
  • Stimulus filing and consulting for maximum dollars
  • Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) applications
  • SBA banking relationships
  • Showing companies that are now forced to remote bookkeep, why our model makes sense

Our Advice for keeping your Business Afloat:

Responding to the immediate challenge
  1. Ensure you are managing supply chain risk
  2. Ensure your own financing remains viable
  3. Focus on the cash-to-cash conversion cycle
  4. Think like a CFO, across the organization
  5. Revisit your variable costs
  6. Revisit capital investment plans
  7. Focus on inventory management
  8. Extend payables, intelligently
  9. Manage and expedite receivables
  10. Consider alternative supply chain financing options
  11. Understand your business interruption insurance
  12. Consider alternative or non-traditional revenue streams
  13. Convert fixed to variable costs
  14. Reduce cost and outsource in areas such as bookkeeping and back end services